Carpentry, mechanical engineering and supplies.

Our long and historical experience in carpentry has led us to expand and develop this service, up to and including the most diverse processes possible in this area. From design to production, from the specialised naval sector to the industrial sector.

Industrial and naval carpentry.

We produce small and large metal structures through the use of manual or number control machines for cutting, forming and drilling.

Prefabrication and maintenance of special pieces.

Always ready to take our team where it is needed and when needed, we repair dredger cutters directly on site, at our customers’ facilities. We take care of the design and production of special pieces, such as conical reductions for flanged and non-flanged pipelines, Y bifurcations and curves and stone rings for cutters. Furthermore, we are specialised in the maintenance and repair of hydraulic valves for ground pipes.

Structural maintenance.

In addition to carrying out lifting systems, such as bridge cranes and jib or gantry cranes, we also take care of overhauling and maintaining them, taking care with particular care and attention to the fundamental testing phase.

Industrial systems.

Our workshop is able to create, according to specific customer requests, small and medium turnkey industrial plants, skids and prefabrications of medium and heavy carpentry.


In the area of prefabrication, our team of professionals, in response to specific requests from customers, designs and develops prototypes of machines and devices for the industry, from the food sector to environmental engineering and in the field of renewable energy.

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