A hub in the middle of the Mediterranean, a starting point for the world.

Our headquarters are located in the province of Cagliari, in Sardinia (Italy), in one of the most important industrial districts of the island, Macchiareddu-Grogastu.

Located in a strategic area a few kilometres from the industrial port of the city, a logistic centre of excellence for maritime traffic to and from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, our workshop is not only the operational base from which our construction sets off, but also aims to present itself as a safe and easily accessible place for the maintenance of all the components related to the dredging sector and the storage of all related materials and components.

In the middle of the Mediterranean

10 km from the industrial port

4,000 square metres of shed and offices


6,000 square metres of outdoor spaces

Our structure is an integral part of our services.

Organised according to the most recent safety standards and after a careful study of internal logistics, our headquarters host both the offices dedicated to management and administration, and the workshop where all phases of each production process functionally coexist with the delivery of workflows.

Over 10,000 square metres of warehouses, offices and outdoor spaces, the headquarters are equipped with vast areas used for storing materials, even of large dimensions, and equipped for the reception and maintenance of vehicles and structures.

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