Who we are and where we come from.

Our history and our future.

We have a long story to tell, which began a long time ago, in the late 1940s.


In the first half of the last century, Officine Ferrantelli landed in Sardinia, in Cagliari, carrying out a small artisan business which began with naval carpentry, to make its way into the island market.


Exactly eighteen years later, Enzo Ferrantelli, the current owner of the company, then just nineteen, begins to get passionate about his father’s work, gaining technical experience in the metalworking sector, both on shipbuilding and on machine tools.


After thirty years of work and an excellent positioning gained in the sector, Officine Ferrantelli, thanks to the far-sighted vision of Enzo Ferrantelli, is transformed. Enzo chooses to take risks, invests in development, in technology, expands his staff and thus gives life to the current OLM Officine Lavorazioni Metalmeccaniche.


The structures of OLM expand, the company grows and begins to acquire important contracts in the maritime sector, working for dredging companies on international markets and in the petrochemical sector for important refineries. Enzo Ferrantelli is joined by his children, first Marco and, later, Laura.


We are always passionate about our work and we are never happy with simply doing well. We continually look for the highest quality, overall and in detail. We are fast, timely and flexible. Our work sites operate in Sardinia and in Italy and they can come in an instant from the other side of the world to bring our efficiency and professionalism wherever they are needed.


Enzo Ferrantelli

General director

Laura Ferrantelli

Administration manager and CEO

Marco Ferrantelli

Technical director

The Team

Welders Group

Our welders are trained for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, low and high alloyed steel and with all the welding methods: electrode, semiautomatic and automatic.

Carpenters group

Our carpenters specialize in the production of any form of steel structure of any weight and size.

Machine tool workers

We have selected and trained our personnel for the most efficient production of special pieces for precision mechanics, by hand or with the help of number control machinery.


We continually work in close contact with highly qualified industrial and mechanical engineering firms. With them we measure, debate and design the most articulated and complex jobs.


Our company offers safe and reliable services that are vouched for by various quality certifications.

EN 1090-1: 2009

In classe di esecuzione EXC 3 per la realizzazione di componenti strutturali metallici in acciaio.

ISO 3834: 2006

ISO 14001: 2015

ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 45001:2018

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