Pipeline welds and specialised welds.

Welding works represent the most developed section of our workshop, thanks to continuous updates and investments in technology and equipment.
We are specialised in the execution of all welding processes, from TIG, MIG, to electrode welding, to automated welding of carbon steel and stainless steel pipelines.

The automatic welding system is our main strength because it represents one of the most advanced technologies in the pipeline sector and it is indispensable for the construction of large pipes such as aqueducts, oil and gas pipelines and in land reclamation.

Our system allows the reduction of interventions by the operator thanks to the electronic control of the parameters and raises performance to the highest level and optimizes time and resources used. In any case, during the automatic welding of pipelines the presence and the supervision of OLM operators trained ad hoc for the best management ad programming of the technology is necessary.

The characteristics of the automated welding system


Greater speed

Production can exceed the traditional welding system by 5 times.


Less thermal stress on the pipe

The welded tubes are more resistant and pass all the radiography checks.


Superior quality

The typology of work changes radically with respect to the past and is configured as the most advanced technology in existence.


Constant maintenance of quality

The results are always qualitatively high from a metallurgical and mechanical point of view.

All welding jobs always require specific checks in order to test the real effectiveness of the intervention. We are qualified for the execution of NDTs, Non-Destructive Tests, for the coordination and inspection of welding work and materials.

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