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Our work is based on precision and method. But the biggest challenge is to adapt our services to the different contexts in which we operate, finding solutions which can simplify work with maximum respect for safety, the environment and quality.

This is why we constantly invest in the research and development of new techniques, to provide our customers with innovative products and thus meet the most diverse needs.

Automatic welding: the Clamp Machine signed by OLM.

With regard to pipeline welding, to simplify and speed up the welding process and guarantee maximum precision, reducing the margin of error during the operation, we have designed and developed a specialised machine capable of making the coupling of piping joints possible, without manual intervention by man.

The Clamp Machine integrates two functions:

  • positioner function;
  • dilator function.

The two functions in synergy allow automatic positioning and locking of the position of two tubes, making the inner diameter perfectly circular, which is particularly useful in the processing of used tubes. 

How the Clamp Machine works

These operations, generally carried out manually, are long and require various adjustments before obtaining the required tolerances. By means of the Clamp Machine, however, it is possible to block and expand the flap to be welded automatically, due to the pressure exerted by the machine from inside the pipe. This can be powered by compressed air through an on-board tank, or connected externally via dedicated pipes and cables.

The advantages of the Clamp Machine in welding


Safety for operators

Manual operations and operations inside the pipes are avoided for greater operator safety.


Increased productivity

The simplification of the process allows productivity to be increased and, therefore, the times required for the implementation of the service to be sped up.


Higher quality

The precision and reliability of the Clamp Machine with respect to manual processing allow us to guarantee the highest quality in welding operations.

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